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    Timber decking mimics the beauty of nature. The warm and timeless aesthetics of the wood make it a popular choice for home and business owners in Nottingham and nearby areas.

    Timber has two options for decking boards – the softwood and the hardwood. Here at Nottingham Decking Co, we install both decking materials. Whether you opt for softwood or hardwood, our team is always ready to help you come up with the best decking design.

    Before you make that big leap, find out more about these two great decking materials:


    Softwood as Decking Board

    When you’re on a budget and when you want a fast solution, softwood makes a great choice. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to sacrifice the quality.

    Our professional deck builders will make sure that all your needs and preferences are accounted for in installing your deck boards. For enhanced durability and longevity, we have the right tools and equipment to treat and install softwood.

    Here more things that you need to know about softwood:

    • It is made from fast-growing trees; thus, it is sustainable and an eco-friendly option.
    • It is the cheapest decking material compared to hardwood and composite decking boards.
    • It is lighter than hardwood, making it very easy to handle and install.
    • It repels water if pre-treated.
    • It is made compatible with slip-resistant inserts or Q-Grip Strips.
    • It is less durable than hardwood.
    • It comes in different styles, colours, and textures
    • It may need regular maintenance and treatment.


    Hardwood as Decking Board

    Hardwood is known to be one of the most durable decking boards. Since it is made from slow-growing trees, its core is harder and more complex.

    When it comes to its look, hardwood gives that warm and classic feel to your outdoor decks, and just like wine, it gets more beautiful as it ages.

    To say the least, hardwood is never a bad choice. However, since it weighs heavy, it is more difficult to handle and install. You need not worry, because our experts at Nottingham Decking Co are highly experienced with hardwood decking installation.


    Here are more things to know about hardwood:

    • It is highly durable as it can withstand harsh outdoor temperature changes and heavy traffic.
    • It has that bold and rustic look.
    • It comes in different colours and styles such as Garapa, Balau, and Ipe wood
    • It may require maintenance to preserve its look.
    • It has scratch resistance features.
    • It rarely warps, splits, or rots.

    Our professional team at Nottingham Decking Co is always ready to give a hand whenever you finally make that big decision. We are looking forward to sharing ideas and creating decks with you. Give our professional deck fitters a call today.

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